Deadlock – the way out
Moderator: Natalie Amiri

We are excited to introduce Natalie Amiri, the moderator of the Negotiation Conference 2021.

Natalie Amiri became known for her courageous investigative research, astute commentaries in the “Tagesthemen”, a German news programme, as well as her dedicated interviews and coverages.  

Her award-winning works include the ARD documentary “Death off Lampedusa – Europe’s Fall from Grace”, as well as the Grimme Award-nominated documentary: “Disappeared in Germany”, a depressingly impressive film that searches for underage refugees missing in Germany. In 2019, Natalie was nominated for the German Television Award as a best foreign correspondent.  

Since 30 March 2014, she has hosted the “ARD-Weltspiegel” from Munich, as well as the TV magazine “Euroblick”. Natalie Amiri has also headed the ARD office in Tehran since 2015. In May 2020, she was warned by the German Foreign Office not to enter Iran anymore and therefore had to give up the management of the Tehran TV studio.  

Join us at the Negotiation Conference 2021 on October 7th & 8th in Zurich learn how to become a skilled negotiator and boost your contract negotiation and deal making skills. You can apply all knowledge acquired during the conference to your daily negotiations immediately.

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