Social Responsibility

The Schranner Negotiation Institute is committed to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as adopted by the United Nations.

We believe in diversity. At present, six out of our seven Directors are female. Furthermore, our global team consists of a variety of different cultural and professional backgrounds, resulting in a broad range of perspectives that we value highly.

Our offices are powered by green electricity. For every kWh of electricity consumed, a donation to regional carbon offset programs is made.

We see the integration of refugees as the most important challenge of the future.

Due to the climate crisis, the number of refugees will continue to rise globally. At the same time, there is a shortage of qualified employees in many areas. The Schranner Negotiation Institute proudly supports Socialbee, an organization which helps refugees to enter the job market. Matthias Schranner is on Socialbee’s advisory board and we advise Socialbee in all aspects of negotiation and business development.

Unfortunately, we cannot completely do without business travel. However, we always offset the carbon footprint caused by our travels by supporting carbon offset programs. In addition, we use Ecosia as our search engine. Ecosia uses the revenue from search queries to plant trees where they are urgently needed.

As part of our work, we advise governments across the globe in political negotiations and conflicts. We strongly believe that there would be fewer wars and conflicts if there was a broader understanding of negotiations. Our mission is to bring together the world’s best negotiators to work for a more peaceful world.




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