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With projects such as Summer Camp, #NEGOTIATE, and our support of Plant-for-the-Planet we prepare kids and teens to manage conflicts and negotiate successfully.

Negotiation Summer Camp 2019


As adults we like to see a playful element in children and youth. They have a genuine approach to negotiations, they make their demands with a certain lightness, and they employ their charm to get their way.

Our experience is mixed. Yes, the playful element is there, and it is often used “against” us.

When it comes to serious conflicts, however, all playfulness disappears. Problems with parents or bullying at school bring children and youth to the edge of negotiation. In seminars—such as our Summer Camp—children and youth learn the most important strategies and tactics. With our blog for kids, we regularly send tips and news for difficult negotiations.

Our commitment to the children and to our planet

Plant-for-the-Planet: Zahlen, Daten & Fakten

Our values transpire through every aspect of our business. As we build a new generation of negotiators, we remember our responsibilities to our children and to our planet. We are proud to be a supporter of the Plant-for-the-Planet initiative, which is also supported by the United Nations Environment Program.

Plant-for-the-Planet is an organization run by children, for children. In only three years of activity, they achieved to plant a million trees in Germany. In their “3-Point Plan to Save our Future”, they explain that by achieving their goals they can reduce CO2 emissions, conserve fossil fuels, and help alleviate poverty. This is not a local operation either – Plant-for-the-Planet is active worldwide, educating children on the importance of preserving our planet’s lungs to guarantee a sustainable future.

The founder of this initiative and friend of the Institute, Felix Finkbeiner, is a young entrepreneur who was only 9 years old at the time when he spearheaded the launch of Plant-for-the-Planet in 2009. Today, this amazing initiative has already planted 15.2 billion trees, and has the ambitious objective of planting 1 trillion trees by 2020. By doing so, they hope they will be able to help curb the rise in global temperatures to keep them under the crucial 2°C limit. The initiative’s ambassadors negotiate with the likes of Barack Obama, the UN, and many presidents and CEOs.

We share their concern for the well-being of our planet. We know that each and every one of us is responsible to leave this earth in a better state than that in which it was left for us. We believe that as an international company, we are responsible to do our share to protect future generations. We want to see the “Plant Ahead – A Trillion Trees to Fight the Climate Crisis” campaign succeed. In order to help this inspiring organization we commit to the following:

1. Providing them with workshops at youth summits
2. Donating a tree for every new customer
3. Fundraising within our community
4. Growing their online presence through our social media

Erste Akademie zum Zukunftsbotschafter in Hanau am 17. November 2012




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