Do you offer virtual programs or hybrid participation?

Our Qualified Negotiator® program is offered as a virtual course and onsite at different global locations.

The Advanced Negotiator® program consists of three consecutive elements. Each element is offered over various options, whether hybrid, online or onsite. For further information please get in touch with Herolinda Osmanaj.

What are your special cancellation policies?

Our general terms and conditions apply. Due to the current circumstances, we arrange individual and flexible solutions (re-bookings or alternative online programs). We want to make sure to offer you the best suitable solution. Please contact our office for further details.

What is the difference between the Qualified Negotiator® onsite and online?

The content of the Qualified Negotiator® onsite and online trainings is exactly the same. The virtual course is split into three online courses with individual exercises between the sessions and a small group size in order to ensure a high level of learning experience. Onsite events are as well conducted slightly with a different methodology.

Are the programs still delivered onsite?

Yes. We are delivering face-to-face learning with full health protocols at our global event locations. We take all measures to provide you a safe environment that enables you to focus your energy and attention on learning. After all, your health and safety is our top priority.

How are the online courses delivered?

Our virtual course will be delivered in a group of max. 10 participants in order to ensure a high level of interaction.

The contents are delivered interactively through presentations, group exercises, realistic role plays and state-of-the-art technologies to ensure a sophisticated learning experience before, during, and after your attendance. Your personal E-Learning allows you to access your course documentation, resources and tests at any time and pace.

How do I access an online course?

You will receive a link (Zoom / Microsoft Teams) to access the online course. Your instructions will be provided latest two weeks before the start of your program.


How do I register for a program or an event?

We want to ensure your registration process as comfortable as possible. We are delighted to receive your registration via E-Mail, website or simply call us: +41 44 515 46 16.

Will my personal data be forwarded to my employer?

We keep all data strictly confidential. The data will not be forwarded to employers nor third parties.

When will I receive the program schedule?

Two weeks prior to the program or event, you will receive further information about the agenda, location and preparation. 


What kind of programs are being offered?

To get an overview, please click on following link.
We are offering programs focused on different negotiations for each management level.

Do you offer customized programs?

Yes, we offer customized programs for teams, functional divisions and corportations. Please contact our Corporate Program Director directly via E-Mail

What exactly do I get after my successful Certification?

You are eligible to join our Negotiation Club after completing one of our Certification programs. Being part of this unique negotiation community gives you access to all documents, exclusive events, three refresher seminars and enables you to exchange valuable knowledge with other Negotiation Club members.

Once you have passed the Certification exam you will receive an official Certification for your CV and a digital badge.

What is the difference between the Advanced Negotiator® and the Qualified Negotiator®?

The Qualified Negotiator® is a program designed for the role of a Negotiator & Commander of a negotiation team. It`s very operational, practice oriented and supported by role-plays and group exercises.

The Advanced Negotiator® program is focused on the strategic part of a negotiation process. The program is made for decision makers and those who are leading a team.

How do I get the program material?

Two weeks prior to the program starts, further instructions will be sent to you via E-Mail.
After the program, each participant will get additional materials (handout, one pagers, checklists, whiteboard results etc.) via our E-learning portal.


What is a Cirtual Negotiation Classroom?

The Virtual Negotiation classroom is a virtual session held on a regular basis where our participants share experiences, gain knowledge, and get new insights about difficult negotiations.
Available dates will be published on our E-learning portal, on our website and in our exclusive LinkedIn group.

Does everyone take part in “role-playing”?

Every participant has the chance to be part of a role-play. Whether you would like to play a role or be an observer, it’s totally up to you.

What is the usual class size?

The size of the group depends on the program.
For the Qualified Negotiator®, the size is between 10 (online) – 25 (onsite) participants.

For the Advanced Negotiator®, the size is between 30 – 40 participants,

How do lecturers present the contents?

Our lecturers are proven experts and they will present the content in an interactive  and practical-oriented approach in order to ensure a high level of learning experience.

Are role-plays recorded? May I make my own recordings?

No. Role-plays will definitely not be recorded, and it is not allowed to record program content at any time, regardless of the medium. It goes without saying that keeping our negotiation cases confidential is a top priority. You commit yourself to secrecy before the beginning of the respective event, so that the discussed contents do not leak out.


What is included in the program fee?

Our program fees include the participation, preparation, learning materials, access to E-Learning. The Certification program fees also includeexam fees and membership of our Negotiation Club.

For an onsite event, lunch andcoffee break snacks are included The hotel accommodation is to be arranged and paid by the participant.

What types of payment are accepted?

The invoices will be sent to you two weeks prior to the start of the program. You can either pay via bank transfer as instructed on the invoice, or via credit card. Please contact us if you want to make the payment via credit card.

What is your deferral policy?

Deferrals made up to four weeks prior to the event date are free of charge.

When is the payment due?

You will receive your invoice two weeks prior to the event date.

The Advanced Negotiator® program offers you several payment methods as you can choose whether the payment is to be made in tranches or as a total invoice before the first element.

The payment is due before the event begins. To ensure a smooth payment process, please inform us of your exact billing address, specific details and VAT ID (if applicable).

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations made up to four weeks prior to the event date are free of charge.

Cancellations made after that date require payment in full. However, you may send a replacement in lieu provided that the replacement meets the participation requirements.


How to become a member of the Negotiation Club?

After a successful Certification you become a Negotiation Club Member. On a regular basis we offer exclusive club activities. Dates will be shared on our website and in our LinkedIn Group.

When do Negotiation Club events take place?

We inform you in our exclusive LinkedIn group and on our website about the dates and places.

What are the benefits of becoming a Negotiation Club member?

As a part of our Negotiation Club, members have the  opportunity to network  with people from different industries and to get in touch with negotiators from different companies. Being a member of our Negotiation Club, you are part of a unique global negotiation community that shares insights and latest news about difficult negotiations.


How should I prepare for an event?

Once you have registered for an event, we will send you further training material with further instructions via E-Mail.

What does E-Learning mean? How do I get access?

It is our platform where you get access to your learning materials and further tests, i.e. to get a report about your individual negotiation profile.

Should I bring my laptop?

No, it`s not necessary to bring your laptop. Onsite we will provide you all necessary writing tools to create personal notes.


Where do the events take place?

Our programs in German language are conducted in Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Vienna (Austria), and Zurich (Switzerland). The programs in English language are held in Hong Kong, Zurich and New York City. Further locations are continuously added.

You will receive further information on the venue when you register. The event venues are 5-star hotels.

What is the recommended attire?

As a guideline, we recommend business casual or casual.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions or concerns?

Please call us directly +41 44 515 46 16 or send an E-Mail to

What is the difference between Qualified Negotiator® & Advanced Negotiator®?

The Qualified Negotiator® is a program made for the Negotiator & Commander of a negotiation. It`s very operational, practice oriented and supported by role-play and group exercises.

The Advanced Negotiator® focuses on the strategic part of a negotiation. The program is made for decision makers and those who are leading a team.

Who covers hotel and accommodation costs?

Booking and billing with the hotel is done individually by the participants with the hotel directly. Please note that the hotels do not forward invoices. The invoice must be settled on site. Participants are responsible for arranging and organizing their own travel and accommodation as part of our compliance policy.

Are meals provided? Are special meals available?

Lunch, beverages and snacks are included in the price. Please let us know in advance if you have any special dietary requirements (such as vegetarian) or certain food allergies.

What is the difference between Young Professional Negotiator® and Professional Negotiator®?

Both programs are recorded webinars with a virtual Q&A session with the respective lecturer.

The Young Professional Negotiator® is a program to get knowledge about the basics of difficult negotiations.

The Professional Negotiator® is created for experienced negotiators who lead difficult negotiations and manage negotiation teams.

How does a LinkedIn Badge work?

After successful completion, we encourage you to include your achievement on your LinkedIn profile. For adding a Certification or LinkedIn badge, please use the following details:

Name: Qualified Negotiator®

Issuing Organization: Schranner Negotiation Institute

Expiration Date: This credential does not expire

Issue Date: Individual (Marche 2019)

Credential ID: Individual (032019) (PS the credential id is a made up number usually the date – so the ID below for example was the month and the year the program took place – March 2019 (032019)

Credential URL:




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