SCHRANNER CONSULTING is the worldwide leader in consulting for crisis negotiations in business and politics.
We support your negotiations – with more than 40 experts in Zurich, New York, Hongkong and Dubai.




Our consultants immediately prepare the “initial strike”, such as setting up a crisis plan and stabilizing the negotiation process to avoid impairing regular business operations.
The first phase of the negotiation is critical. We support boards, managing directors and top politicians through this demanding initial phase to avoid any mistakes that could restrict options throughout the negotiation.

Our faculty is composed of some of the world’s foremost negotiators; we have an expert for every situation.

Our expertise allows us to recognize and pre-empt risks during the negotiation. We proactively shape the negotiation process to circumvent issues before they arise.


In our experience, companies design their operations for conflict-free business. When crises and difficult negotiations arise, companies are often

unprepared for the upcoming confrontation.
The analysis of internal responsibilities and the involvement of top managers are the first internal steps to plan the negotiation. This allows your company to avoid “friendly fire” caused by the interference of unbriefed executives.


The analysis of the opposing side is usually carried out with haste and lack of detail. We thoroughly investigate your negotiation partner – professionally and free

from any emotional attachment.


The objectives are discussed and defined with the decision-makers. This allows your company

to have clear goals which are in line with your corporate values.


A negotiation process is shaped by power dynamics and relationships.
We analyze existing

strategies and consolidate them into a reliable and stable negotiation process, taking individuals’ needs and concerns into account.

We design multiple sets of strategies to remain flexible and to maintain the upper hand at all times.


We divide the negotiation process into individual phases and design a guideline for each phase.
These guidelines provide safety and stability, even when the negotiation is in its most difficult phase.

The negotiating team will be selected depending on the needs associated with the upcoming conflict. We model our actions on crisis procedures developed by the FBI.


The insights gained during the negotiation are analyzed, evaluated, and summarized in a debriefing.

This allows the development of negotiation best practices for your company, which will serve as a blueprint for managing future conflicts.


Anyone who carries responsibilities in the negotiation process will receive an individualized “Negotiation Playbook” which contains clear and concrete instructions.

We prepare the negotiating team with simulations before each negotiation and give them tactical training. We secure the negotiation process internally to avoid friendly fire, and externally, to control the visibility of the process with appropriate PR measures.

With the “Negotiation Playbook”, all participants know their roles and can perform their assigned tasks without any time loss. This methodology assures a consistent implementation and a high degree of protection for the negotiating team. Furthermore, the “Negotiation Playbook” clearly defines internal and external messages for everyone involved.


“Matthias Schranner is
one of the best
negotiators globally”

Gary Noesner

“The interaction with the
Schranner Institute creates a rare and
valuable learning opportunity for all.”

Gary Noesner

Jason Yad

“The Schranner Institute is experienced
in both Western and Chinese negotiations”

Jason Yad


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