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A Complex Collision of Events: Automotive Refuses to be Held Hostage by COVID

Our last episode before going on hiatus for the summer! Doug Roach, VP of Business Development at AVL and at global automotive supplier, innovation powerhouse, long time Schranner partner, and as confirmed, Zabeen’s BFF, comes on to share insights on the state of automotive, the future of negotiations in the space, and how to effectively negotiate in a crisis, especially as part of an industry that has all but shut down and has lost much of its leverage.

And as we say goodbye for the summer – we remind you to listen to some of our past episodes and stay in touch. Schranner Negotiation Podcast is on hiatus, but we are not! Follow us on social media and keep sending us your fan mail!

Making Your Business Essential: How Dropbox Used Empathy and Problem Solving to Succeed in a Crisis

Javier Ortega, Head of East Coast and Canada at Dropbox joins DEADLOCK to talk about the company’s incredible rise, and how its positioned itself during the crisis to become a core essential service. Javier answers questions like – how do we convince our clients they need us? How do we know what to invest in? and what’s the secret to success when so many others have failed…especially in this pandemic?

Join us for an action packed (and laugh-packed) session as we learn about how Dropbox rose from a small startup to a global powerhouse.

600 million + users.

1.2 billion + documents uploaded daily

4,000 + file edits made EVERY SECOND

Uncomfortable Conversations:How to Negotiate with People with Disabilities

John Robinson, bestselling author, disability advocate, and CEO of OurAbility speaks candidly with us about everything we get wrong when it comes to talking with and talking about people with disabilities. As a person with a disability and a successful business owner, John shares his life experiences, his insights, and his knowledge freely. And we asked John all the tough questions so you didn’t have to– the ones that you might have been too afraid to ask yourself.

So grab a seat and have a listen – this is one of our most special podcast episodes yet.

Your Biggest Competitor is “Do Nothing”: A Conversation with Vlad Stojanovski, IBM

Vlad Stojanovski, Head of Sales Enablement for IBM, and accountable for 18k sellers across the region sits down to talk about digital transformation, artificial intelligence, and a spirited debate he once had with Watson. Vlad shares some of the exciting tech in development at IBM, as well as the innovation process, the importance of agility and strategy- especially in a crisis- and how he recommends setting teams up for the future. Awesome insights, and one of the most candid, most transparent conversation we’ve ever had. Have a listen to get an inner look at the world of IBM tech!

IBM Project Debater – Watson: https://www.research.ibm.com/artificial-intelligence/project-debater/

Storytelling & Negotiations: How Corporate Communications Drives Negotiation Success

Siobhan Alders, Head of Global Communications at Fiverr (www.fiverr.com) talks about her experiences with joining the company right before it was poised to go public! Siobhan shares her insider knowledge on the phenomenon that is Fiverr, how she and the team utilized communications to support the IPO process, as well as the very important role corporate communications – both internal and external – plays in successful negotiations. Listen to Siobhan share her expertise gained from over 20 years as a media and PR professional, and her advice for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and giant corporations alike on how a negotiation is only as good as how you communicate about it.

email: Miguel.guerrero@schranner.com

We are ALWAYS in a Crisis – Why Operating at Code Red Should Be the Status Quo

Tired of talking about the coronavirus? Tired of discussing the pandemic? So are we. Lt. Scott Tillema, esteemed Schranner faculty member, active duty officer, and negotiator of the Chicago area police department, joins us to relive his 2016 TED talk – watched by over 1 million viewers and counting. The most interesting part? 4 years ago Scott opened his talk by saying: “We live in a world filled with people in crisis.” Police or prophet – you decide. Listen to Scott’s insights on the secrets to negotiation success and what the COVID-19 crisis has taught us about how we should always be doing business – not just in a pandemic.



‘AM I ALLOWED TO BE UNFAIR?’: Ethical Considerations & Negotiations in a Crisis w/ Matthias Schranner – Thursday, May 21st 8-9am EST


email: Miguel.guerrero@schranner.com

Negotiations in the Age of Innovation and Digital Transformation

Verona Vulcano (yes that is her real name – how cool!) Sr. Sales Manager – Central Europe at Adobe Inc, a long-time partner of the Schranner Institute, sits down with us to talk about how negotiations have changed in this age of digital transformation, why we thought such transformation would be time consuming, costly and unnecessary (the pandemic has certainly taught us otherwise) and what kind of innovation and opportunities she’s seeing around the world. A must-listen for everyone, but especially for those asking “what’s next?” as we navigate the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Remember, if you have specific questions, want to send requests, or just generally send over some fan mail, email Miguel.Guerrero@schranner.com

We love hearing from all of you!

“This Too Shall Pass”: NYPD’s Finest Jack Cambria on Negotiating when EVERYTHING is a Crisis

33 year NYPD veteran, and longest serving Commander of the NYPD’s Hostage Negotiation Team, Lt. Jack Cambria shares some of the most emotional stories from his time in the field. From the September 11th tragedy, to the financial crisis, to the current COVID-19 pandemic, tune in to hear Jack’s take on how we can not only survive in the short term, but how we need to be planning, leading, and negotiating to succeed in the long term.

Beth Fitzgerald & David Waters: The Truth About How We’re REALLY Doing in This Crisis

Schranner Faculty Members Beth Fitzgerald, business strategist, entrepreneur, and best-selling author of The Wake-Up Call & David Waters, psychotherapist, journalist, and media management guru sit down to “spill the tea” on COVID, crisis negotiations, and what it takes to lead teams successfully through a global pandemic and beyond. Featuring great business insights, lots of laughs, and important guidance on coming out of this pandemic both financially AND emotionally healthy.

The Rise of the Machines: Mergers & Acquisitions in Manufacturing

Louis Bastone, indirect category manager at ASML, the world’s largest supplier of capabilities to the semiconductor industry, talks innovation, negotiations, mergers & acquisitions, and whether we are at risk of machines taking over the world anytime soon.

How HR Needs to ‘Lean In’ During the COVID-19 Crisis

Our “Calls from Quarantine” series continue in this episode with Serap Zel, Human Resources Director at BIC North America. Serap shares her global perspective from an HR standpoint on how organizations need to fill knowledge and skills gaps in their sales teams, the fundamental challenges the coronavirus exposes within organizational infrastructures, and what it takes to break deadlock in internal negotiations.

Serap also shares incredible perspectives for business leaders on how to not only find and attract great talent, but how to keep them as well. We all remember the famous cartoon on trainings & development in companies:

CFO: “What if we train them and they leave?”

CEO: What if we don’t and they stay?”

Calls from Quarantine – Media, Markets, & Moral Obligations

Joya Dass, 20 year veteran TV anchor and NY Stock Exchange business reporter talks about truth, facts, the role of media in shaping public perception, how individuals should ingest media, and how businesses should consider media in their deal-making and decision-making processes.

Calls from Quarantine – The Psychology of Deadlock

Dr. Klaus Lassert, Chief Psychologist and Senior Faculty Member at the Schranner Negotiation Institute dials in from quarantine in Germany and gets up close and personal as he gives his RAW and REAL feedback on everything from how to break deadlock, what makes a good negotiator, mistakes people make in a negotiation, and of course, his thoughts on the “negotiator” everyone is talking about these days: Donald Trump. Join us for a half hour of laughs, hilarious commentary, and SCANDALOUS ideas.

Dr. Lassert will be teaching the Schranner Concept and go in greater depth on the psychology of negotiations in his upcoming sessions (delivered virtually) –

Tactical Negotiations: May 5 & 6, 2020

Advanced Negotiations: May 7 & 8, 2020

To register for either program please email james.kavanagh@schranner.com

Calls from Quarantine – Deadlock in the Age of the Coronavirus

Dr. Syeda Hasan, Emergency Medicine Attending at Danbury Hospital in CT dials in from the Emergency Room to share information about the COVID-19 virus, talk about public response, necessary precautions, and answer all the questions we were too afraid to ask (or didn’t know we had to ask in the first place).

Playing the Game, Bending the Rules

Crystal Khalil, former Head of Procurement, Porsche North America, best-selling author of “Hard Workers Work Hard, Networkers Get Ahead”, and Founder & CEO of Crystal Khalil & Associates talks about life, adversity, diversity, and deadlock at the negotiation table.




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