Negotiation Conference 2021: Deadlock – the way out

War– the 6th way out of a deadlock

Become a skilled negotiator and learn new deal making  and contract negotiation techniques to be used in deadlock situations with the help of our experts.

How to use a power shift to your advantage?

Whoever has the power in negotiations will want to push through their demands. The party that believes they can win will not make any concessions unless they specifically want to distract you from the negotiation process and direct your focus elsewhere. If you wonder why your negotiating partner is not forcing their demands through, despite having the power to do so; most likely, they are using prepared in advance tactics.

If you believe your negotiating partner has more power over the process, there are several approaches you can implement to shift the power balance in your favour:

1. Create alternatives
The higher the number of your alternatives is, the more power you have. You should always have enough options to react to pressure during negotiations with flexibility. That will allow you to lead the process.

2. Leave enough room for manoeuver 
The more responsibility your position entails, the more power you have.

3. Be credible
One must earn trust. Your reputation needs to remain impeccable at all times. If you had an ugly argument with one of your partners in the past, your current negotiating partner would most likely know about it.

4. Information is power
Always try to have more information than the opposite side. Negotiations will turn into a  battle if too much information leaks from your organization to the other side.

5. Be the expert in the matter
The more you know about the issue or the case, the easier it is to exert your power.

6. Introduce sanctions
Sanctions mean putting pressure on the other party. Consider carefully before the negotiation in which situations you would be willing to use sanctions as they will result in a counterreaction. Always announce sanctions before applying them. If your warnings remain ignored, you will have to implement your sanctions or risk losing all credibility.

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