Qualified Negotiator® Program
The program is specifically developed for managers at the negotiating table.

The training is conducted in an interactive mode using various learning methods. We ensure optimal learning success through group exercises, discussions, and role-plays.
Your takeaways:
–     Learn the essential procedures to help you prepare for difficult negotiations.
–     Manage irrational demands and verbal assaults with confidence.
–     Learn how to lead in negotiations.
–     Acquire knowledge on the most important tactics for difficult negotiations.
The Qualified Negotiator® Program is offered:
– On-site (2-day training)
– Online (3 virtual sessions)
Languages: English and German
The Program consists of 4 Elements:
Element 1: You will learn how to be tactically prepared, lead a negotiation, and stay in the driver seat in a practice-oriented environment. 
Element 2: You will consolidate your knowledge and focus on real-life negotiation cases. Furthermore, you will get insights on how to handle aggressive opponents.
Element 3: You will learn to read, use and control body language. 
Element 4: You will review all the learnings and share your experiences with other participants. 
After passing the final exam, you will receive your Qualified Negotiator® certificate.
Contact Amira Martens at amira.martens@schranner.com for more information.




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