Saudi Arabia is implementing a very ambitious vision with “Saudi Arabia’s Vision for 2030”. Climate protection, sustainability and a new healthcare system are at its core.

While we were there, government representatives asked us how to integrate this vision into the different processes of a negotiation.

The most important step for the integration, was the presentation of the vision. The “why” and the need for change was presented with clearly described projects, feel free to visit the government website for more information.

We have been working in Saudi for some time now and we see the seriousness of the government and the many companies. Of course, we also see many critical points. The “Vision 2030” has created a momentum for negotiations, the respective negotiation teams are approaching the topics and the implementation with strong motivation. The de-escalation in the relationship with Iran and the peace negotiation in Yemen certainly also contribute to the success of the vision.

Negotiation Tip:
Before initiating the process for a negotiation, the vision should include the following components:
1. A “logo” with a short description on important issues such as sustainability, job security or risk management
2. CEO message – why the change is needed
3. An overview of the strategic issues
4. A graphic with the subsequent implementation topics
5. A “Call To Action” with a request for support

Should you create a vision for your company or team, please remember that it needs seriousness. A vision is not a marketing tool, but the starting point for a successful negotiation.

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