From a negotiating perspective, President Biden’s comments about Putin were very interesting.

In his speech and interviews, President Biden said about Putin the following:


“He cannot remain in power”

“Pure thug”

“Murderous dictator”

“War criminal”

In doing so, President Biden is violating an important principle of political negotiations: In public, people always speak positively about the negotiating partner and emphasize common ground. Negotiations then take place behind closed doors. It is explored what is possible and what is not possible.

Having expressed these serious accusations, Biden can no longer go back; he has reached the “point of no return.” It is no longer imaginable that President Biden would shake Putin’s hand and smile into the camera at a G20 summit.

Some politicians, such as President Macron, have criticized Biden for these statements. People debate whether Biden’s remarks were tactically planned or emotional.

I think it was a tactical move to close off the way back for Putin.

There are two possibilities being discussed in our community right now:

Putin is overthrown and the war ends quickly.

Putin stays in power, the war lasts for a long time, and Russia becomes the new North Korea: isolated and impoverished.

President Clinton talks about the principles of political negotiations in his Masterclass:


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