Transform negotiation into your unique capability.

To ensure that negotiations succeed throughout your organization, they should be conducted in a harmonized and coordinated way. We often see that our clients could significantly increase their potential and power in negotiations.

CENTER OF NEGOTIATION EXCELLENCE® is our concept to establish a company-wide approach to negotiations in your organization.

Through our customized training platform, we provide digital negotiation trainings which cater to all management levels. This helps your organization to align your internal negotiation skills and promotes a coherent approach for future negotiations.

Beyond that, the CENTER OF NEGOTIATION EXCELLENCE® is your access to an exclusive partnership with the Schranner Negotiation Institute. By establishing a partnership, you become a member of our global negotiation community.

Our digital training platform lays the foundation to develop a globally harmonized approach to negotiations. This is complemented by licenses with which the Lead Negotiators will be authorized to use the Schranner Concept® internally for trainings and workshops.

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1. Customized training platform

The training platform is specifically customized for the needs of your organization. The Schranner Concept® will be taught using video lessons, knowledge checks, workbooks and tests.

2. Internal negotiation instructor training

The internal negotiation instructor is responsible for two important areas: first, leading the internal “Negotiation Office” and ensuring that every difficult negotiation is conducted in line with the organizational strategies. Second, training employees the content of the Schranner Concept® internally.

3. Online courses and Virtual Negotiation Classrooms

Upon successful completion and to facilitate a dialogue in your department, members can participate in our exclusive Virtual Negotiation Classroom sessions. Any questions about the Schranner Concept® can be asked in a Q&A session with a negotiation expert from the Schranner Negotiation Institute.

4. License to use the Schranner Concept® internally

By acquiring our license, you ensure full internal legal compliance in all areas. The license package consists of two parts:

  • The Instructor License is designed for the use of the Schranner Concept® materials.
  • The User License is designed for managers at the negotiating table.

5. Continued support

Sustainable success in difficult negotiations is achieved by consistent de-briefings and reflection. With the support of our online portal and additional resources, your business will be well-equipped to succeed in any difficult negotiation. 

7 Benefits for your Company

  1. Efficiency: a customized internal training program with a licensing model enables a company-wide approach to negotiations.
  2. Financial: avoid costly mistakes in negotiations throughout your organization
  3. Digital: online and time-saving training program
  4. Consistency: establish a harmonized company- or departmental-wide approach to negotiations.
  5. Continuity: launch an internal center of competence for your ongoing negotiations.
  6. Independence: train your own negotiating teams internally.
  7. Protect your investment: internal negotiation experts accumulate expertise and teach the next generation of your workforce.





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