Matthias Schranner comments: Countdown for BREXIT: Boris Johnson is in a difficult situation.

Do you remember the photos of Boris Johnson and Donald Trump? Both confident of victory and promising each other long-term oriented partnership. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had indicated that he did not need an agreement with the EU in the BREXIT negotiations. He would conclude a trade agreement with the USA. Donald Trump had already assured him of support in front of running cameras. And now?

This week the countdown has now begun, time is running out.

If Johnson really wants a NO – DEAL scenario, he would have to conclude trade agreements with other partners in spring 2021. Trump will no longer be in office, all other states will know about the bad negotiating position of Great Britain and will use it to their advantage.

By voting Trump out of office, the chances of a deal in the BREXIT negotiations increase.

Good for the EU, bad for Boris Johnson.

Negotiating tip:

– Power positions are never constant – they are constantly changing

– If you have the opportunity to close a deal, do it

– Hoping for an even better negotiating position is unprofessional




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