Negotiation Conference 2021: Deadlock – the way out

Walk away – the 3rd way out of a deadlock

When and why walk away from a negotiation?

A skilled negotiator is always ready to handle the possibility of walking away from a negotiation process. Walking away is a negotiation technique applied in contract negotiation, deal making, and even salary negotiations.

Walking away from a negotiation doesn’t mean admitting you have been defeated. If you are convinced there is nothing left for you to negotiate, you can break the negotiation off deliberately and pave the way for resuming it at a subsequent stage.

Breaking off negotiations

Breaking off contract negotiations is an acceptable tactic in any negotiation process if you and your opponent can no longer find a concession that matches a common goal. It shows the other side that you have reached your limit and their terms are not satisfactory for you.

Breaking off can be used primarily as an efficient tool from a psychological perspective. If you break off the negotiation, your negotiating partner will likely feel like they have won. Do make them believe they left the table as a winner and hold the power.

Your implicit goal: Your opponents must be confident that they’ve made the most of the negotiation, even if the outcome was not exactly what they expected.

Important: To avoid being under pressure and urged to decide  on breaking off when they escalate, decide on your walk-away position and define your objectives and tactics before the negotiation starts.

Always present a break-off as a logical consequence. You are neither offended nor disappointed, and you still see opportunities for cooperation at a later stage! 

Tips to break off a negotiation like a professional

  1. Say thank you.
  2. Summarize commonalities.
  3. Sum up the remaining disputes briefly but objectively.
  4. Create an amiable ambiance
  5. Endeavor to establish a bonding
  6. Leave a possibility for re-entering a negotiation using a structure below

Re-entering negotiations

To re-enter the negotiation process, choose the words that will allow you to resume it carefully. 

Our experts encourage using the following three simple phrases that will allow you to re-open negotiations without losing face: 

  1. From my perspective,
  2. At this time,
  3. Under the existing circumstances, an agreement is hard to imagine.

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