Trump: “they don’t fear him.”

Trump attacked President Biden during the “CNN Presidential Debate”:
“They (Kim, Putin, Xi Jinping) don’t respect him; they don’t fear him.”

Donald Trump draws a clear line between respect and fear. While it’s universally acknowledged that mutual respect is a cornerstone of negotiations, the role of fear is a point of contention. Is it a necessary element?

Respect refers to the negotiator’s personality, including values, experience, and knowledge. Fear is a feeling, a reaction to possible negative consequences.

Are Kim, Putin, and Xi Jinping afraid of the possible consequences of the Biden administration? Would they be more fearful of a Trump administration?

Fear can be a powerful force in challenging negotiations. Those who can instill a sense of fear in the other party often find it easier to assert their position and achieve their objectives. However, fear can also trigger an emotional overreaction, potentially leading to an uncontrollable situation.

A re-elected President Trump would probably spread more fear and create even more uncontrollable situations.

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