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If you strive to succeed under difficult negotiations and become a skilled negotiator, then you’re going to need more: more preparation, more knowledge, and more engagement in conflict resolution. The SCHRANNER CONCEPT® applies law enforcement as well as FBI experience and expertise to your business negotiations in a way that enables you to maintain the lead in every situation. 

Trainer: the Professional Negotiator program is an exclusive and online-only course developed and taught by Matthias Schranner. 

Who should take the course: The course is aimed at experienced negotiators, team leaders, and managers who want to succeed in complex negotiations. 

 The key benefits of the program are: 

  1. Gain a profound understanding of how to conduct complex negotiations in 10 lessons, 10 workbooks, and additional 25 videos on the essential winning tactics in challenging negotiations.
  2. Get access to our Negotiation Community, Negotiation Club events, and plenty of other learning material.
  3. Upon completion, you get a certificate signed by Matthias Schranner.

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