Negotiations worldwide have changed dramatically since the founding of our institute in Zurich. The greatest changes have taken place in procurement.
A few years ago, procurement departments were considered by boards and specialist departments to be of little importance. Sales executives often heard the words “we have a deal, but we still have to go through procurement,”.
Procurement as the executive body of the real decision maker was deemed a disruptive necessity on the way to a successful outcome. Today, procurement departments determine the entire negotiation process; they have become the true decision makers.

Thanks to early involvement, specialist departments are forced to integrate procurement into the entire negotiation process from the very first thought. In the past, “high potentials” were most often placed where the best career opportunities were available, this was usually in a company’s strategy or sales department. Today, top people go into procurement departments. Where else can you learn so much, redefine processes and influence decisions.

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