At FC Bayern, the coach is not protected.

After FC Bayern’s match against Real Madrid, I read in the NZZ (Neue Zürcher Zeitung): “…the farce makes it clear: the coach is not protected at this club, but rather criticized depending on the situation, sometimes even exposed, or, as in the case of Julian Nagelsmann, dismissed quite surprisingly.”

This was preceded by criticism from honorary president Uli Hoeneß, who had criticized head coach Thomas Tuchel for what he saw as mistakes in the development of young players. It is essential to differentiate between internal protection and external protection.

In negotiations, criticism usually arises externally, i.e. from the other party. When one of our client’s negotiation teams applies pressure, the other party responds with criticism. It’s all part of the game. The other party then usually raises complaints with senior management regarding the perceived lack of cooperation, urging them to intervene.

External protection:
Externally, a decision-maker must not intervene but rather protect the team. The decision-maker thanks the other party for expressing their concerns and acknowledges the crucial role of the negotiation team, without any explanation or justification.

Sentences such as “I have complete confidence in my team” are wrong. If you say, “I have full confidence,” you are taking yourself a bit too important, thereby taking control of the negotiation. Phrases such as “the negotiation team will get back to you as soon as possible” are good. No explanation, no justification.

Internal protection:
Internally, criticism often resembles ‘friendly fire’. It is imperative to prevent it. The decision-maker should unequivocally ensure that all involved share joint interests and strive for a unified goal. Once again: no explanation, no justification.

The NZZ further writes: “FC Bayern can be an unpleasant employer for head coaches.” That’s true. Rangnick has just canceled.

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