With this workshop we develop new strategies and tactics for a successful negotiation in SALES.

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The workshop shows the most important strategies and tactics for future sales negotiations.


Negotiation Concept

Negotiations in sales are forever increasing in difficulty. Relationships with customers are becoming less important, and relationship management is often entirely prohibited.
Digitalization brings with it increasing online options, thus hindering personal exchange.

And the different levels of information with RFI (Request for Information) and RFP (Request for Proposal) create an uneven balance of power. “It‘s all about the price,” complain many sales executives. But no, it‘s much more than just the price. It is first and foremost about a professional negotiation that takes into account a change in procurement.

Best Practice Shared

A negotiation following a plan provides high benefits for any company. Negotiating teams have to be used systematically, top management must be protected, messages to the public need to be managed consciously and damage for the company gets avoided. A negotiation without a plan ends in disaster. You will be equipped with a summary of all the most important topics of strategies and tactics learned.

Negotiators Matchmaking

In addition to the strategies and tactics learned, the exchange between participants provides great value. You will get to know people who will enrich you. Our Conferences are the only event attracting such a large group of professional negotiators.

Customized Learning

You will only attend the workshops you are truly interested in. All workshops are specifically designed to meet your special interests and needs; they allow for intense dialogue in small groups. For perfect fit, all content is provided in customized form.


With our E-Learning you can follow up all contents. All documents, checklists and summaries are available for download.


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