Putin and his generals are becoming more specific with threats to use nuclear weapons. The goal of these threats is clear, Western governments should respond to the threat by stopping their support for Ukraine.

So how should one deal with these threats?
Wrong would certainly be a reaction like:
1. issuing a counter-threat.
2. stopping the support for Ukraine.

What I find dangerous are the guessing games about Putin’s next steps.
Nobody knows if and when he would be ready to use a nuclear weapon. No one can foresee the consequences of a nuclear weapon and the subsequent reactions.
These guessing games lead to a great deal of uncertainty, and this uncertainty is probably Putin’s goal. In this uncertainty, the voices are getting louder with each passing day that negotiations must finally be held now; the fear of a nuclear weapon makes compromises such as the final cession of eastern Ukraine and Crimea, seem possible.

Giving in to a threat will not create peace but will provoke the next conflict.
How would the negotiations of the other nuclear powers such as China, Pakistan, India, and North Korea change? These states would know that all you have to do is briefly mention nuclear weapons to get your demands accepted.
If the threats of using nuclear weapons succeed, any negotiation by these countries could start with this threat.

No, one must not give in to a threat. The calls for negotiations are understandable, but the time has not yet come.

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