A “warning strike” by the trade union verdi has paralyzed air traffic in Germany, and more than 1000 Lufthansa flights have been canceled.

According to Christine Behle, verdi’s chief negotiator with Lufthansa, this warning strike was necessary “to build up pressure”.

In negotiations, building up pressure can be helpful, often even necessary. In this phase of the negotiation, building up pressure is wrong.

Wrong because after the pressure buildup, the agreement must be reached. Lufthansa’s negotiation with verdi is far from an agreement, the pressure came at the wrong time.

Wrong because Lufthansa, as the opponent in the negotiations, is not being hit. Many travelers, especially families at the beginning of their vacations, are being hit.

Wrong because the communication to the press was not prepared. When asked, verdi had to admit that the Chairman of verdi, Frank Werneke, is on vacation.

This warning strike will not lead to a good negotiation outcome. It serves the ego of Christine Behle and Frank Werneke.

Negotiation Tip: The use of leverage must be strategically planned and must occur shortly before an agreement is reached.

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