No, it’s not the striker. A new CEO who brings calm and clarity to the club is more important than a striker.
FC Bayern’s crisis is primarily based on Oliver Kahn’s lack of negotiating skills.
He has now been dismissed, and a new “Decision Maker” is needed.  
Negotiations such as David Alaba’s and Robert Lewandowski’s contract extensions had several things in common:

1. The negotiations took too long
2. Information was constantly leaked to the press
3. The negotiations were conducted in public
4. There were personal attacks and insults
5. Commitments (Kahn: “Lewandowski stays, basta”) were withdrawn with loss of face

The most significant commonality is the non-agreement; both Alaba and Lewandowski left the club after these unprofessionally conducted negotiations.
In our FBI team model, a “Decision Maker” is responsible for setting the target. 
Clear targets lead to professional negotiations. Moreover, the team can rely on its top management and calmly conduct the negotiation.
Oliver Kahn should have stayed out of the negotiations; his commitments and subsequent withdrawals of those commitments led to a great deal of uncertainty. 
With Jan-Christian Dreesen, a professional from the business world now takes over as “Decision Maker.”
We congratulate FC Bayern on winning the title again and wish them a professional conduct of negotiations.

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