A negotiation is visible, the conflicting parties sit across each other and negotiate a possible solution. This visibility raises expectations and perhaps hopes for a quick resolution of the conflict. All previous negotiations on behalf of Putin and his Foreign Minister Lavrov have been unsuccessful so far and future negotiations will be unsuccessful as well. Putin does not want a solution at the negotiating table, he has nothing to gain and will continue to wage his war militarily. Putin will continue to make unrealistic demands and thus prevent an agreement. But why do Putin’s negotiation teams and Lavrov still appear at the negotiating table?

They use the visibility of the negotiation as a stage to appear cooperative and peaceful.

Diplomacy conducts talks in the background; there should not be any visibility in the process. In fact, raising both expectations and hopes would precisely send the wrong signal in the current situation. These talks must be held in the background. If no information leaks out of these talks to the public, then that is a good sign for the functioning of diplomacy.

There is a time for visible negotiations, however, this time has not come yet. Only when Putin no longer believes in military success will he negotiate seriously.

There will be no peaceful solution with Putin, we should not offer him a stage.

It is necessary to prepare for the time after Putin.

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