Deadlock – the way out 

Negotiation Conference 2021 will entirely focus on the most crucial and complex phase of negotiations –  deadlock.

Every negotiation process – especially complex ones – inevitably reaches a critical point. A crisis can lead a previously continuous negotiation process to a grinding halt, where things are unclear, and the next step will often depend on the opponent’s response and the measures taken.

The climax of the crisis is a deadlock phase – the point when there is no more progress. In a deadlock situation, all information has been exchanged, options and arguments have been exhausted, yet your negotiating partner has shown no willingness to cooperate.

It is important to remember that a deadlock in a negotiation is not a bad thing per se. It can be a tactical choice; however, it should be well-prepared in advance in this case.

Schranner negotiation Institute experts comment:

  • “Once you have reached the dead-end of a negotiation, you run into the risk of concentrating solely on the differences while losing sight of the common ground. We encourage you to consciously find positive wordings for your demands and show your willingness to cooperate.”
  • “Concentrating on the positive alternatives may not be enough. You might need to use the means of last resort: a warning. A warning, not a threat! A warning emphasizes the areas of agreement. It serves to define a common goal and a path towards it.”
  • “The principle of reciprocity always applies to a deadlock situation. Having shown your willingness to compromise, you can wait for your negotiating partner to do the same. However, your negotiating objective will probably become unattainable if you offer too much. Your negotiating partner will also quickly realize that you are being overly cooperative and may take advantage of it.”

Together with the world-renowned negotiators from the FBI, politics, and police, we have developed six scenarios with numerous proven tactics for complex business negotiations to help you accomplish your goals.

To master these and many other tactics and techniques you can apply in daily business negotiations and learn how to turn the “deadlock” situation to your advantage, join us at the Negotiation Conference 2021 on October 7th & 8th in Zurich.

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