Negotiation Conference 2021: Deadlock – the way out
Walk away & Back Channel

We have worked on summarising the fundamental tips on Walk away & Back Channel approaches for you to find an efficient solution to a deadlock in difficult negotiations.

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Walk away – 3rd way out of a deadlock

– To avoid being under pressure and urged to decide on breaking off negotiation when they escalate, decide on your walk-away position (AKA minimum target) and define your objectives and tactics before the negotiation starts.

– Breaking off negotiations doesn’t imply defeat. If there is nothing left to negotiate for you, end the negotiation to deliberately pave the way for resuming it at a subsequent stage.

– Always present a break-off as a logical consequence. You are neither offended nor disappointed; furthermore, you still see possibilities for cooperation in the future.

– Your opponents must be certain that they’ve made the most of the negotiation, even if the outcome was not exactly what they expected.

Back channel – 4th way out of a deadlock

– A good relationship with your opponent is one of the principal objectives in some negotiations. The question is, what kind of relationship you would like to have after the negotiation ends?

– Even though you want to satisfy all your needs in a negotiation process, sometimes it is not worth imposing your demands without regard for your opponent.

–  Does your negotiating partner have confidence in you? Do you trust your negotiating partner? If not, you should start taking confidence-building actions immediately.

– Do you still want to have a good relationship with your negotiating partner afterward? If so, your negotiation strategy must naturally lead towards partnership or at least towards compromise.




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