Negotiation Conference 2021
Deadlock – the way out

Join us on October 7th & 8th  to learn how to use a DEADLOCK situation to your advantage and retain the best techniques and tactics from the world’s best negotiators!

We are honoured and excited to introduce the speaker line-up for the Negotiation Conference 2021. This year’s conference will host the world’s most prominent negotiation experts from business, politics, and law enforcement.

Gerhard Schröder was a member of the German Bundestag in 1980-1986 and 1998-2005.  In 1990 he was elected Prime Minister of Lower Saxony. On October 27, 1998, Gerhard Schröder became the seventh Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. He stayed in office until 2005. Gerhard Schröder has been chairman of the shareholders’ committee of Nord Stream AG since 2005, a freelance lawyer in Hanover, since 2016 chairman of the shareholders’ committee of Nord Stream 2 AG and chairman of the supervisory board of Hannover 96 GmbH & Co.KG and deputy chairman of the supervisory board of Herrenknecht AG and since 2017 Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rosneft Oil Company.
Prof. George Kohlrieser negotiated in more than 100 Kidnappings and hostage-takings worldwide. He is consultant to a number of governments, expert for CNN and the BBC, bestselling author, professor at the IMD, and a renowned expert in his field.
Watch our Interview Series “N-Espresso” with George Kohlrieser

Baroness Catherine Ashton was the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, the European Union common Foreign Minister, and thus the European Union principal negotiator. She negotiated the rapprochement between the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Kosovo and, furthermore, the transitional agreement in the nuclear arms dispute with Iran. She understands the possibilities and limitations within the field of diplomacy and knows how future negotiations will have to be conducted.

Natalie Amiri became known for her courageous investigative research, astute commentaries in the “Tagesthemen,” a German news program, as well as her dedicated interviews and coverages.  Award-winning works include her ARD documentary “Death off Lampedusa – Europe’s Fall from Grace,” as well as the Grimme Award-nominated documentary: “Disappeared in Germany,” a depressingly impressive film that searches for underage refugees missing in Germany. In 2019, Amiri was nominated for the German Television Award as best foreign correspondent. 

Jack Cambria is a recently retired member of the New York City Police Department who has contributed 34 years of exemplary service. He has served for 16 years in the Emergency Service Unit (ESU), whose primary focus is to provide Rescue, SWAT, and Counter-Terrorism services to the City of New York. He was assigned to ESU in the ranks of Police Officer, Sergeant, and Lieutenant. Jack has extensive experience and certifications in all facets of these operations and is a New York State Certified Police Instructor. He holds numerous awards for bravery and dedicated service.

Martina Hingis was one of the most successful professionals of the 1990s. She won the Grand Slam tournaments “Australian Open” (1997, 1998, 1999) “Wimbledon” (1997) and the “US Open” (1997) in singles, as well as nine titles in doubles. She has also won 43 WTA singles tournaments and 36 doubles titles. Between 1997 and 2001, Hingis spent 209 weeks at the top of the tennis world rankings. This made her the youngest player to top the WTA Tour world rankings. Martina Hingis made a comeback in 2006, leading her to 6th place in the world rankings of professional tennis in 2007.

Guy Katz – the Swiss would say he is Israeli, Israelis would say he is German; the truth is, he is a little bit of both, while also blended with a dash of Arab and a pint of American. First serving in the Israeli Defense forces as an intelligence officer, Guy worked for governments, startups, non-profits, consulting firms, and giant companies. Always on the lookout for the right bit of science mixed with practical tips, he spends his days optimising the magical recipe for being a father of two amazing boys, a Negotiation Professor, the owner of a consulting & training company operating worldwide and teaching people how to fly airplanes.

Rabih El-Haddad leads the Multilateral Diplomacy Division of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research. As the key interlocutor with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Ministries leading international negotiations of the 193 Member States, Mr. El-Haddad adheres, in his daily job, to the purposes and values of the United Nations that aim at developing friendly relations amongst nations by disseminating a culture that celebrates negotiation and enlightened decision-making for the peaceful settlement of disputes. Mr. El-Haddad was also involved in numerous capacity-strengthening projects that shaped the Organization’s transformative global agenda and enabled member states to foster an environment of collaboration for overcoming challenges on a global scale.

Lousin Mehrabi is an experienced negotiator specialized in financial and commercial negotiations. As Global Head of Negotiation Training for ADN Group, she delivers masterclasses and advisory on complex negotiations. Prior to joining ADN Group, she worked on trading floors of international investment banks and a European Stock Exchange for 15 years. Lousin is qualified at the highest level CPN3 (Certified Professional Negotiator level 3), and a graduate of three international Business Schools. She currently lives in Dubai and with her four nationalities and fluency in five languages, she works with companies all around the world.

Scott Tillema is a rising thought leader in crisis and hostage negotiations. He is invited to speak at many hostage negotiation conferences across the US, and is viewed by his peers as a reference in difficult negotiations. For seven years, Scott conducted negotiations for the largest multi-jurisdictional municipal SWAT team in the US. Currently, Scott is a Lieutenant with a Chicago area police department and has 17 years of police service. His experience and knowledge in hostage negotiations are sought after by police negotiators and universities alike.

Matthias Schranner advises business and government leaders in over 40 countries, including the US, China, Russia, and Japan. He was originally trained by the police and the FBI as a lead negotiator for high-stakes situations. For the past 15 years, he and his team at the Schranner Negotiation Institute have been advising clients, including the UN, global corporations, and political parties in difficult negotiations. He teaches the executive course series Negotiations on the Edge and is the author of books such as The Negotiator, Negotiations on the Edge and Costly Mistakes, The Schranner Concept® as well as numerous articles and other publications. The proprietary Schranner Concept® is used by numerous Fortune 500 companies worldwide to succeed in difficult negotiations.

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