Jack Cambria is a recently retired member of the New York City Police Department who has contributed 34 years of exemplary service. He has served for 16 years in the Emergency Service Unit (ESU), whose primary focus is to provide Rescue, SWAT, and Counter-Terrorism services to the City of New York. He was assigned to ESU in the ranks of Police Officer, Sergeant and Lieutenant. He has extensive experience and certifications in all facets of these operations, and is a New York State Certified Police Instructor. He holds numerous awards for bravery and dedicated service.

He has responded to and served on many high profile assignments such as both World Trade Center disasters, plane crashes, and a variety of hostage and barricade situations, particularly violent and suicidal individuals. Because of his solid foundation of achievements, Jack was assigned to command the agency’s elite Hostage Negotiation Team. His duties consisted of coordinating the efforts of over 100 negotiators, who responded throughout New York City to all hostage related assignments. He was responsible for the training and certification of all new negotiators and refresher training of all of the current members of the team. Jack has conducted in-service training for many International, Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement agencies. In 2006, he and some select members of his team were dispatched to the U.S. Military Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to conduct hostage negotiation training for members of the United States Joint Task Force. He has also served as a technical consultant in the entertainment industry providing proper police policy and procedure on the major motion pictures television series. Jack was invited to serve on the National Police Foundation’s committee reviewing the Pulse Nightclub mass shooting incident in Orlando and is a contributing writer in the on-line published report. He currently teaches hostage negotiation, de-escalation strategies and active shooter presentations for law enforcement and corporate entities across the country and internationally. Jack has authored several scholarly articles on negotiations and gained his Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, where he also taught as an adjunct professor.

Jack Cambria




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