According to media reports, David Alaba, a long-time player for FC Bayern, has demanded 25 million EURO per year. The management of FC Bayern did not accept his demand and suggested a proposal for a 3 year contract.

So far so good. It is of course okay to start a negotiation with a high demand. Whoever starts a negotiation must work seriously on a solution and lead the negotiation in a target-oriented manner. According to FC Bayern Management, Alaba and his advisor did not negotiate in a solution-oriented manner, but “played poker” and prolonged the negotiation.

Prolonging a negotiation will destroy trust and causes unrest among all parties involved. In negotiations with high profile sportsman, the information becomes public and damages the negotiation process, and their reputation.

Playing “poker” is acceptable in a negotiation when a trustworthy relationship between the negotiating parties does not exist. So anyone who accepts the damage to a relationship is allowed to play poker, to “bluff”, and to play for time. If a good relationship exists, and wants to be maintained, you must act seriously to find a solution.

David Alaba’s signal was wrong. The way he has acted with FC Bayern management has demonstrated that he is not interested in a partnership solution. As a result the management of FC Bayern has withdrawn their offer to Alaba and declared the negotiations to have failed. This was necessary but should have happened much earlier.

Tips for negotiations:

  • When you start a negotiation, it must be concluded
  • If you want to stay, stay. If you want to leave, leave. You should not play for time
  • If you play for time, your counterpart knows that you are not interested in maintaining the relationship
  • “Poker” is allowed, but only in negotiations with short-term goals and without a trustworthy relationship




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