Is negotiation a core part of your business? Do you wonder if your team could get more out of high stake deals? Are your company’s interests fully represented in negotiation meetings? How do you ensure that no money is left on the table at the end? 

In today’s challenging business environment, neglecting negotiation is not an option. To stand out, it is vital that your top deal makers breath negotiation and are ready for all contingencies.  

The inhouse CNO® is a highly trained negotiation specialist ready to take full control of your top ranking deals. 

The CNO® ensures a constant 360° view on your value streams, full alignment with your strategy, and effective negotiation trainings with your top executives at all times. 

Get in touch with us using, and make negotiation an integral part of your company´s DNA. 


1. Analysis

The analysis phase allows us to understand your company’s approach to negotiations today and where we can be of help. Our specialist audit your company’s goals, structures, culture, and the negotiation strategies and tactics that are used. We will define then contents and goals for the program. 

2. Specification

Negotiation is about the people in the room and it is vital to find the right talents in your team. Working with your HR department, we will define the requirements for the specific roles. We will set up an Assessment Centre to identify the ideal candidates in your company. 

3. Design

Based on our findings and your priorities we will develop a customized negotiation training program for your company. This can be implemented simultaneously across all departments to enhance your negotiation practice. 

4. Implementation

We support the CNO® in establishing the role internally. We work with the latest learning methods to ensure all managers have mastered the skills to drive your current negotiations confidently and successfully.  

5. Sustainability

Sustainable success in difficult negotiations is achieved by consistent de-briefings and reflection. With the support of our online portal, resources and additional coaching sessions, your business will be well equipped to succeed in any difficult negotiation. 

7 Benefits for your Company

  1. Efficiency: one single inhouse authority covers all negotiation advice.
  2. Consistency: a comparable, company-wide/department-wide approach.
  3. Continuity: expert inhouse support for active negotiations.
  4. Independence: train your own negotiating teams.
  5. Maintain the edge: ongoing support through our institute.
  6. Protect your investment: CNOs accumulate your expertise and teach the next generation.
  7. Long-term success: the CNO shapes negotiation success into your company’s DNA.

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