Protect your investment. Implement a clear negotiation strategy for better business results


1. Analysis

The analysis phase allows us to audit your company’s goals, structures, culture, and the negotiation strategies and tactics that are used.

2. Specification

Based on the results from our audit and taking into consideration your subject matters, company-specific issues and current negotiation cases, we will define the contents and goals for the program. You will benefit from our specific know-how on difficult negotiations experience and expertise.

3. Design

In parallel, we will focus on your negotiation position so far and will develop in collaboration with our experts a customized negotiation strategy for your company. This can be implemented directly across all departments.

4. Implementation

The negotiation strategy implementation to your team is delivered with blended learning including, theory, role-play, video analysis, and personal coaching for all participants. We work with the most advanced learning methods to ensure all participants can apply all learnings to your current negotiations confidently and successfully.

5. De-Briefing

Sustainable success in difficult negotiations is achieved by consistent de-briefings, and reflection of your performance. With the support of our e-learning portal, resources and additional coaching sessions your business will be successfully prepared and equipped to succeed in any difficult negotiation.

7 Benefits for your Company

  1. Efficiency: one single inhouse authority covers all negotiation advice.
  2. Consistency: a comparable, company-wide/department-wide approach.
  3. Continuity: expert inhouse support for active negotiations.
  4. Independence: train your own negotiating teams.
  5. Maintain the edge: ongoing support through our institute.
  6. Protect your investment: CNOs accumulate your expertise and teach the next generation.
  7. Long-term success: the CNO shapes negotiation success into your company’s DNA.

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