Negotiation Conference 2021: Deadlock – the way out

Back-Channel – the 4th way out of a deadlock

Become a skilled negotiator and learn new deal making and contract negotiation techniques to be used in deadlock situations with the help of our experts.

Is a good relationship with your negotiating partner an integral part of your success?

A good relationship with your opponent is one of the principal objectives in some negotiations. However, a more important question to be answered in the preparation phase of a deal making or contract negotiation is what kind of relationship you would like to have after the negotiation ends. 

Even though you want to satisfy all your needs in a negotiation process, sometimes it is not worth imposing your demands without regard for your opponent. In some cases, your intention should be to preserve/establish good relations with the other side.

Before the negotiation started, answer the following questions:

  1. Have you managed to establish any relationships with opponents already?
  2. What would you like the relationship to be at the end of the negotiation? 

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